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Artistic Nails provide the very best in UV Gel nails. Artistic soft gel nail polish is conditioning to the nails unlike some UV Polishes and provides long lasting colour.

  • Artistic Manicure 
  • Add French paint in Artistic 
  • Add IBX under Artistic Manicure 
  • Artistic Luxury Manicure- Cuticle and Nail work, Exfoliation, Hot Mittens with Mask, Massage and Artistic paint 
  • Soak off Artistic, Removal only  
  • Soak off Artistic with IBX treatment 
  • Basic Pedicure with Artistic Polish 
  • Artistic Toes Only (File, Cuticles and Paint) 
  • Artistic Toe Removal, Toe work and Artistic Repaint 
  • French polish for toes plus 

Morgan Taylor™, the NEW standard in Professional Nail Lacquer, the crème de la crème of nail color, developed by professionals for you. Morgan Taylor’s unique spectrum was designed to remove all barriers to colour expression. Our creative palette knows no bounds, ranging from the classical to avant-garde and from subtle to unconditionally spectacular.


Morgan Taylor professional collection is one of the most innovative nail care systems in today’s beauty market. Morgan Taylor Nail products have a flawless coverage, incredible durability and extraordinary resistance to chipping.

  • Manicure 
  • Pedicure 
  • Paraffin Wax Luxuy Manicure 
  • Paraffin Wax Pedicure without painting 
  • Paraffin Wax Pedicure or Foot Mask plus paint 
  • File + Paint only 
  • Callus Peel 

Alessandro products achieve the most luxurious and fantastic result in any manicure and pedicure.

  • Alessandro Pedicure with normal nail polish paint 
  • Add Artistic Gel on Toes 
  • Add Callus Peel 
  • Add Hot Boots with Mask 
  • File and Paint Only 
  • Luxury Pedicure – The Ultimate, toe nail work, cuticle work, soak, callus peel, hot boots with mask and any type of paint  
  • Alessandro Manicure 
  • Alessandro Luxury Manicure- Nail treatment, Nail work, Exfoliation, Hot Mittens with Mask, Massage and normal nail polish paint 


IBX is the first treatment of its kind. This penetrative strengthening system works from the inside of the nail instead of sitting on top like traditional nail services.

The IBX system can be used under Artistic or normal manicures or on its own.

  • First Time Application 
  • Ongoing (Under gels or natural nail maintenance) 
  • IBX Course of 5 (1 Free) 

Bespoke Nail Enhancements and Nail Treatments by Janice Prescott

At The Westbourne Beauty Clinic we are proud to offer you the best in nails with Janice Prescott. Janice has been working in the nail industry for many years and still works in London for Essie, Morgan Taylor and Artistic as an educator. We offer a range of the latest nail enhancements using all the latest techniques and formulas.

For more information please call us.

Janice Prescott is available Wednesdays 10am to 7pm, Friday’s 1pm to 6pm

  • Acrylic Full Set (allow 1h 30mins) 
  • Acrylic Infill From 
    £25 to £30 
  • Hard Gel Full Set (allow 1h 30mins) 
  • Hard Gel Infil 
    £20 to £25 
  • Artistic Colour Gloss on Nail Enhancement 
  • Essie or Morgan Taylor Paint on Nail Enhancement